I GET sellers selling - $500 Million Reinstated.



For a decade I've been helping Amazon Sellers to fight suspensions. I've seen it all and reinstated thousands of accounts and reinstated some of the biggest Amazon accounts internationally.

If you're suspended I know this is a tricky time and Amazon are less than helpful in helping you navigate your suspended account.

That's where I come in, providing sound advice and reassuring words you and I can work to get you selling again.

You'll work directly with me, no teams or faceless company. Let me be your Amazon Suspension Expert.

What can you expect?

I work on your behalf

Via User Permissions I can view your Seller Central and understand your suspension. I then represent you, submitting appeals, resolving violations and speaking with Amazon to get the best possible outcome.

1 month Dedicated Support

I will work for up to 1 month on your suspended Amazon Account to get a reinstatement. Clients ususally are reinstated within this time. If your account is not opened within one month, it likely cannot be saved.

Expert Support

I will personally handle your case and work with you to resolve any issue causing a suspension and appeal the issue with Amazon extensively, as I've done thousands of times.


I will tell you the truth and if I don't think your account can be saved, I'll let you know and refund you before we start working. Once I start work you cannot be refunded, regardless of outcome.

Here's what others are saying

“Once again Joshua you've saved the day. You've been getting us reinstated for 7 years now. Thank you for the help.”


“Joshua's expert advice was invaluable for our business. Joshua was responsive, professional and is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in his field. Communications were clear and concise at all times. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”


Ready to get reinstated?


I charge £799 for up to 1 month of Amazon Suspension Support.

High Quality, Rapid Support for Serious Amazon Sellers.


Your New Expert

Joshua Price

I’m an experienced consultant for Amazon Sellers. As well as fixing suspensions I operate as Chief Compliance Officer for sellers, identifying risk, managing compliance issues, and protecting my client’s businesses from being suspended on Amazon daily.

  • Compliance Officer to $60 million 
  • $500 million reinstated to Amazon
  • 3000+ Clients
  • 10 Years Experience


  • ICA Specialist Certificate in Conduct Risk
  • ICA Certificate in Compliance
  • CGI Diploma in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Are You Ready?


Which countries do you help?

I help people from any country selling on any Amazon marketplace. E.g. USA, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, PL, SE, JP, AE etc.

What types of suspension can you help?

I will attempt to assist you with any type of suspension, but success rates vary. I can assist policy violations, including account health rating and performance issues, like ODR. If you wish for me to try, I will support you with related account, section 3 or other suspensions, but they have a low success rate.

How quickly will I be reinstated?

Reinstatement isn't guaranteed, but most clients will be reinstated in a few days to a week for simple suspensions. More complex or repeat violation cases may take a full month or more. I respond to your emails and provide appeals within 48hours, often quicker.

Do you offer a guarantee?

No. It's up to Amazon if you're reinstated. If you're not reinstated, I don't refund you. I've still done the work, successful or not, just like a doctor or lawyer and I should still be paid. It's not possible for every situation to be successful. Any company with a 100% success rate is lying or not helping many sellers.

I have multiple suspensions, is it still the same price?

If you have a single cause of the suspension, but multiple marketplaces are affected, you only need to pay once. If you have multiple suspensions with multiple reasons, you'll need to pay for each account.

Why are you more expensive than other companies?

1. Very few companies have the experience level I have.

2. Most companies you'll deal with a team or staff that have minimal actual experience, you won't work with the real expert.

3. I specialise in complex cases and work with suspensions others won't accept. This takes more time and therefore, I charge more. I choose quality over quantity.

How can we communicate?

I prefer to communicate in writing via email, so that I can keep track and reference our conversation. But we can have a phone call or message via Telegram.

Can you check my case before I buy?

Due to a high volume, I can't. But if you order I will check your case and if I don't think you can be reinstated I will let you know and refund you.

What's your success rate?

Success Rate is not a helpful metric because every case is unique. I will say I've helped thousands of sellers, currently manage compliance for $60 million in annual revenue and have been supporting sellers for a decade. I didn't get here by being bad at my job. I kick Amazon's ass.